June 27, 2017

10 Tips to Master the Business Mumma Hustle


There’s no denying the incredible juggle that comes with raising a young family whilst simultaneously building a business or three! That’s right, I’m crazy enough to be busily raising three children five and under, building three businesses, running a networking chapter for business mums and completing a business scholarship! Let’s not forget the washing, cooking, cleaning, nappies and tantrums that also help fill the days and yet I wouldn’t have it any other way! That in mind, here are my top 10 tips to master the business mumma hustle!


Organisation is key! My ‘To Do’ list rules both my personal life and my professional life. I always set the list up in order of priority and based on realistic time constraints. I run mine off my phone so it’s easily accessible to update as required. It’s so satisfying to be able to cross off items as they’re completed even though it’s not long before they’re replaced with other upcoming priorities, such is life. I can’t live the life I do without keeping track of what needs to be done each day. It helps me feel in control of the juggle and on my game.


Look around at your personal support network. Who are your greatest supporters? Is it your partner, mother, siblings or friends? Can anyone spend a little extra time with your children when you’re under the pump?

Childcare can work wonders too! It helps children build social relationships within the wider community whilst also allowing you the time to focus and knock out that ‘To Do’ list so that when you pick the children up, you’re able to focus and have more quality time together.

Don’t fall into the mummy guilt trap of feeling you have to juggle children and business 24/7. I know I did initially, until something had to give! It was upon finding the right balance with children attending daycare and kindergarten, that gave me so much more strength overall and helped me to continue to kick goals in business!


Work out the value of your time! Really breaking down your schedule and commitments to see whether you need to complete them yourself or if you’d be putting yourself in a much stronger position by outsourcing to someone else, so you can focus on your core business. Perhaps hiring a virtual assistant to handle your newsletters or ghost write your blog. Or a social media manager to handle your online presence. Even hiring a cleaner occasionally to come through and give your house a good once over can be amazing and take the pressure off. Look for areas in your life that you can justify the financial spend which is then offset by increased productivity. Time is money after all!


Eat, exercise, sleep, repeat! If you don’t take care of your health, you’re going to struggle wrangling those little people whilst trying to dominate in business. Eat a balanced diet to ensure you’re getting lots of lovely energy to keep on top of your game. Exercise to help reset your hormone levels, to clear your mind and keep those anxious thoughts at bay. Make sure you get enough sleep, granted this one is my biggest challenge! But I continually try to remind myself to catch up to avoid the big crash of excessive fatigue.

The better you take care of yourself the better you’ll be able to keep up with the daily demands.


Find your comrades! Seek out local networking events that suit your individual needs. If you’re looking for a family friendly one that still meets your business drive, then check out something like the StartUp Mum community. If you’d prefer to networking after hours when the children are asleep, then seek out the local chapters that meet in your area. Simply type your area and “networking” into google and see what you find or ask your business buddies. Or join our free Facebook networking group ‘Sosocii- Social Networking for Australian Business’ to connect with over 800 Australian business owners.

Whether online or face to face, one thing is for sure, you’ll strengthen your business game when you surround yourself with a community of inspiring, driven and passionate go getters!


While I do the majority of my work in the evenings when my little ones are snoozing. Some days call for me to juggle both business and family demands simultaneously. When you know you’ve got a work call to make, take the time to set up the activities and snacks for the children so you know you’ll at least get a few minutes before someone is trying to crawl up on your lap and steal your pen and papers. Play dough, craft and lego are generally my go to resources. Snacks always work a treat around here too.

Ultimately for me it has become about embracing that this is me in all my authenticity. My life, my juggle and that prospective clients and business connections need to understand that or look elsewhere. I’m a driven business woman but my children are my world and that’s why I like to let the two worlds coexist where possible, as I thrive to master that business mamma hustle!


Look at the areas you’d like to build on and seek out the appropriate education sources to help build the bridge in your skillset. Whether it’s an online course or a seminar down at the local community, both work towards furthering your business knowledge and your overall confidence. Or even look through the wealth of “How To”guides available at your fingertips online and challenge yourself to try something new.


Make sure you take time out to look back at all that you have achieved and how far you’ve come since you first decided to go into business. It is a big process, full of time consuming and at time fear inducing hurdles that need to be pushed through as you build that momentum and power on. Be proud of yourself for overcoming the fear of failure and pushing on to continue your journey.


Create a vision board of all that you desire in both your personal life and your business dreams. Use photos, pictures and quotes as you create your ideal scenario in a visual representation. Furthérmore, look for positive manifestation meditations on YouTube and allow yourself the time to relax and fall asleep at night whilst calling in all of the wonderful elements featured on your vision board. This certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve found it very beneficial and a great way to call in all of those desires and help put them into motion.


Drink a wine, eat some chocolate, get a massage and take a holiday! If you don’t take time out to recharge and reward yourself, you’ll get burnout sooner or later… So work out what activities help you to ground yourself and make sure you find the time to book them in. Hell you deserve it!

Pick and choose as you see fit, as we all have different things that help build us up to peak focus and then bring us back down to relax and recharge. These are my top 10 tips for mastering MY business mumma hustle! Tell me what works best for YOU?

Do you require more support for your growing business? Free your hands with flexible virtual assistance by a fellow mum who knows the juggle and can help you out so you can focus on your core business.

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