November 15, 2017

Business Blogligation: Burden Versus Benefits?


We’re busier than ever these days, but can we really afford the mounting excuses for neglecting our business blog? When we weigh up the countless benefits of maintaining a captivating communication channel, we begin to see the necessity of restructuring weekly schedules to manage the blogging burden to further enhance our connectivity within our corresponding audiences.

The business marketing juggle is immense, as we try to manage our various social media platforms, create appealing content, remembering to connect and communicate with our audiences whilst simultaneously running online advertising campaigns and yet we’re also meant to become confident authors now too. Not an easy feat for some! It’s not uncommon to hear our peers talking of their struggle to keep up with the never ending ‘blogligations.’ The Urban Dictionary refers to ‘blogligation’ as the feeling of obligation to post to one’s blog. An obligation indeed, as we further understand the benefits derived. Unless you’re a budding author, there’s countless excuses to push that particular task down the to do list further and further. Overwhelmed by the presure to find the appropriate topics, string the words together, upload it to your website and promote it within your audience. It is certainly not an easy task for some. Even more overwhelming when you’re busily drafting content for client blogs whilst your own business blog looks neglected. Yes, yes we’re guilty of that here too!

Without a business blog, one’s SEO (search engine optimisation) is minimal. There's less original content to circulate over social media pages and less pages to generate leads. Each time you post high quality content, it increases your chances of being discovered through Google searches and we all know static websites don’t accumulate new customers. A blog provides the fresh content to further audience interest and secure potential sales. The benefits speak for themselves, therefore suggesting we need to shift our schedules to push our blog further up the priority list.

In order to write a successful blog, you need to have a thorough understanding of your audience. What will they relate to? What will resonate? You need to consider their interests when coming up with your topics and showcase your industry knowledge. Begin with the topic and then formulate a working title to get those creative juices flowing. Then draft a captivating introduction to draw them into the content. Consider how you’ll manage the flow of the piece, writing down your key points. Then with a glass of wine in hand if needed, push up that courage and weave it all into place. Don’t pressure yourself with time, perhaps coming back to it with fresh eyes the following day for proofreading prior to publishing. Always remember to insert a call to action at the end in an effort to gain further leads or subscribers.

Yes it’s another burden that adds pressure to the ever growing to do list! However, if you enjoy writing, then bang those babies out. If you find yourself avoiding your blog, challenge yourself to spend some more time building up your confidence and develop your ability to get your voice out there in an authentic way. The more you write the better writer you become! If it’s really not your cup of tea, consider the value of your time and if it would be a task better outsourced to someone who specialises in the area, therefore freeing you up and minimising those blogligations.

If you’re having trouble keeping on top of your blog, feel free to drop us a line at Sosocii. As your business allies, we’re here to help you out by relieving some pressure so you can focus on core business.

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