June 8, 2016

Mumpreneurs Master the Juggle


With a crucial 5am caffeine kick, I hit the ground running: feeding the kids breakfast, checking emails, changing nappies, monitoring social media campaigns and all before sunrise! Each day allows new opportunities to connect and create memories with my beautiful little ones while they continue to grow so fast. I schedule various engaging activities throughout the week to enjoy the amazing flexibility available. Whilst the evening hours offer quiet time to knuckle down and really tick off all the tasks on that constantly evolving to do list. It certainly does take a little bit of juggling but the mumpreneur lifestyle can be so rewarding. 

By definition, a ‘mumpreneur’ is a woman who combines running a business enterprise with looking after her children. The mumpreneur lifestyle can allow for increased flexibility, whilst still providing an income. In some cases the rising cost of childcare can play a role in the decision to combine a home based business and caring for children. There’s also no denying that mumpreneurs provide a significant contribution towards the economy.

I spent the first few years of my career as a primary teacher and whilst I absolutely adore teaching, I sought further flexibility once I started my own family. I wanted to spend as much time with my children as possible but also needed to look at earning an income to foster such a lifestyle. This new objective catapulted me onto a completely different career path and I found myself moving into virtual administration and social media management, later building the courage to create my own business in the same field. There’s no denying my ability to conduct business phone calls whilst  juggling a baby and some of my lucky clients have even heard several musical theatre productions put on by my three year old. Despite all of the roles I juggle on a daily basis, I manage to keep my business on track.

Tips from one mumpreneur to another:

  • Start with a clear vision.
  • Empower yourself with positive self talk: you can do this!
  • Set manageable goals.
  • Stay positive and embrace the learning opportunities that exist throughout the inevitable setbacks.
  • Find balance by allowing yourself time to unwind.

It can be a 24/7 job description and takes a lot of drive and determination, however the flexibility to create wonderful memories on a daily basis whilst still enjoying mental stimulation and increased income provide a win win scenario for some. We certainly can have it all when we set our minds on a clear vision and manage to master the mumpreneur juggle!

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Thank you so much for your fabulous service and creativity throughout the year. You really are very special.
Di Padgett
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