March 22, 2016

The Modern Work Environment — Virtual Staff


Welcome to the modern working environment where virtual assistants reign supreme. Where time is money and you can’t afford to waste it on a job that can easily be completed by a highly productive virtual employee outside the office.

What is a virtual assistant? A VA is an administrative assistant who works remotely. They are often self-employed and work from a home office. Businesses hire virtual assistants so they can focus on their growing business while the VA handles administrative tasks on an as needed basis. VA’s also pay their own superannuation, sick leave and annual leave, which add to their appeal. It is a rapidly growing profession as businesses look at flexible staffing options.

Services provided by virtual assistants:

  • Social Media Management
  • Virtual Customer Service Attendant- Email
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Word Processing
  • Document Formatting
  • Resume Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Research

When small businesses expand and require extra staff, it can be difficult to fund a full time employee. That’s when a VA can be a great resource as they can be contracted on an hourly basis or perhaps one or two days a week and they won’t even take up desk space in the office. VA’s are generally passionate and customer focused as they want to maintain an ongoing working relationship. Communicating via phone, email, skype and various collaborative apps; a seamless work relationship can be fostered.

Things to consider when hiring a virtual assistant:

  • Write a list of tasks that could be completed remotely.
  • Have a budget in mind but don’t base your decision purely on rates.
  • Introduce yourself and your business.
  • It may not be the perfect match from the start, sometimes you need to work with a few virtual assistants to find a correct fit.
  • Expect that you’ll need to spend some time training up your new virtual assistant but avoid micromanaging every task.
  • How will you use the extra time on your hands to create business growth?

Do you require more support for your growing business? At Sosocii, our extensive virtual administrative services cater for your varied needs and allow you the flexibility to focus on your core business.

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Ashley has helped me enormously and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for business support and marketing expertise, particularly with Facebook. She gently guides and supports and is incredibly flexible with her services and service delivery. She's personable, reliable, friendly and honest. So glad our paths have crossed!
Melissa Maimann
Buyer's Agent
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