December 6, 2016

The Perils of Perceived Popularity


Occasionally we can find ourselves overwhelmed with a desire to be perceived in a certain way, perhaps a less authentic version of who we really are. Whether it’s during those awkward teenage years when we’re struggling to find our place in the world and not yet aware of how important our individuality really is. Or when we choose to appear more popular than we actually are, by entertaining 600 Facebook friends we never actually see. We can find ourselves desperate to project a certain image, however as it filters into the business world, it can can be incredibly destructive and requires a certain level of commitment to reign it back in and repair the damage.

There’s no denying the overwhelming appeal of having a mass following on your Facebook page. But unless they’re engaged by your content they may as well not be there, as they are then just an inactive number that won’t bring you any closer to that next sale or extending your brand awareness in any way, shape or form.

There are a few specific traps we can fall into that see us picking up these ‘fake followers’ whether it be by purchasing a larger audience via an expensive scam, inappropriate giveaways or like ladders that insist all members like each page regardless of interest levels. If these new found followers are not intrigued by your brand, they’re simply pulling overall engagement right back and Facebook will deliver your posts to these ‘fake followers’ taking away from the opportunity to reach out those who are genuinely interested.

We’ve all come across scams in our personal life, well they also exist within business. When looking at the demographics of a Facebook page, it can be obvious almost instantly that they have fallen victim to a scam that has resulted in a liker boost. They are often unaware that this has occurred and trusting that they had purchased legitimate targeted leads instead of ‘fake followers’ adding no value to their page past that nice liker counter appearing inflated.

Competitions can also have the same effect, by drawing a crowd that may lack a genuine interested in the product or service on offer once the competition is over. Therefore diluting the volume of highly engaged followers. This problem can be lessened by ensuring your prize is very strongly tied to your brand and be considerate of how regularly you run these competitions.

Can the harm be reversed? Indeed it can! Once we have confirmed that this is indeed the reason for low engagement levels, through a series of quality control checks. We then work towards rectifying the situation, by culling those fake accounts. Yes that’s right! In some cases even removing hundreds of fake accounts. It is a painstaking process of clicking through and removing each individual account one at a time.

How do you know they are fake? Well there is an immediate red flag when hundreds of people have liked your page at 8 am on the same day from the same overseas location and yet none of them speak the same language all posts are published in. Each Facebook profile is inspected along the way to determine their overall authenticity.

Why go to all that effort? The results are almost instant, with an incredible jump in overall page engagement. As posts which were previously being delivered to these fake accounts instead are now seen by more of your genuinely interested followers.

The short of it is that, when it comes to your Facebook business page, size is not everything! If you have a large number of followers but hardly any interaction you’ll struggle to get your brand awareness out there. Whereas a page with less followers can be much more successful if the engagement levels are quite high. These high engagement levels ensure the overall reach is much higher and posts are spread to an increased audience thus allowing further opportunities to gain those new followers naturally.

If you suspect your Facebook page is being stifled by fake followers, contact us for more information about how we can help you recover and rebuild an engaged community.

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