April 14, 2016

What’s in a Name? Search Engine Optimisation


Deciding on your business name is a crucial step when launching a new business. It will be the image you portray to your customers and if done right it will take on an energy that will drive your success.

At Sosocii, we began with a concept. We wanted our name to relate to our business support services. We started with the word ‘socii’ which is Latin for allies. The socii were the independent tribes of the Italian Peninsula who were in alliance with the Roman Republic until the Social War of 91–88 BC. They were referred to as the socii Latini ("Latin allies"). Socius also translates as "associate" or "partner".

The energy within this term was absolutely fitting for our business concept. However, the first hurdle was discovered once we began our availability search. Socii had been taken on multiple social media platforms and domains. Undeterred, we played with the word in an effort to create a more unique version and thus find our own place within the crowded universe that is the internet. Alas, we had achieved just that with the birth of Sosocii!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial in business, as it determines your visibility within search engine results. Obviously we all want our business to be highly ranked to increase the volume of clicks to website and potential sales. One of the key benefits of a unique business name, is that it will be easily SEO’d. You’ll instantly reduce competition by choosing a name that differs from your rivals. Sites such as: namechk.com can take the hassle out of the search by presenting the availability of your name across various social media platforms. Obviously, the more unique your name, the more likely you’ll be able to secure your preferred usernames. Industry terms can then be transferred to your slogan, website and business blog.

QUICK TIP: Type your preferred business name into Google and investigate how many other companies will share your space. If it’s looking dense, it would be wise to choose a more unique name for greater SEO results.

When considering your business name, ask yourself these key questions: Is it memorable? Does it differ from your competitors? Will it convey the image and energy you’d like to present? Is it available?

Looking for the right business name for your next venture? Allow us to help float some ideas to get you started on your pathway to success.

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